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Keep in touch with what’s happening back home right here. We have most of the popular tv stations and newspapers. If you have a suggestion for a news service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Ghafla! Kenya

  • List Of Kenyan Artists Who Can Fill Up An Event On Their Own
    Kenya has had tremendous talent over the years when it comes to entertainment. Some of our artists have gone global to share their immense talent with their fans. Some have shined locally, and their candle is still lit despite remaining local. But others have gone beyond the obvious because of... Read more »
  • Charlene Ruto Is Overdoing Her Aid
    For those who have been following up on President William Ruto’s daughter whereabouts, you’ll notice how she has been up & down trying to help netizens in one way or the other. She has been sharing donations with the less fortunate and those in starvation. Charlene has been showing empathy... Read more »
  • Nasra, divorce can feel devastating but here are 5 tips to help you move on
    Breakups are tough nut believe it or not – divorce is worse and I say this judging from what i have personally seen from – my divorced relatives, friends and from celebrities on social media. So yea, I totally understand that comedian Nasra is currently having rough after parting ways... Read more »
  • Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s Sunday service at Kasarani stadium proves Kenyans are desperate for God’s touch
    Pastor Ezekiel Odera of New Life Church in Mombasa city has been the talk of town since saturday thanks to his crisades that saw kenyans travel from different parts of the country all in the name of ‘kurudishiwa Nyota walio Nyang’anywa na adui’ and judging from the photos…..seems like many... Read more »
  • Betty Kyallo Should Accept Singlehood And Focus On Business
    From what we know & see, Betty Kyallo has the curves and the looks that any guy would admire. I mean, she’s worth salivating for. But despite being bootylicious, Betty Kyallo hasn’t been able to secure a man for himself. She has dated quite a number of people ever since... Read more »
  • Men Cheating Is Not A Big Deal- Nasra Yusuf Speaks
    Comedian Nasra Yusuf has opened up on losing her relationship with Rashid. The jester has narrated how being dumped has drained her mentally and physically; adding that she lost other relationships with friends and family just trying to hold on to her relationship with Rashid. ”So yes i am single…Anyone... Read more »
  • Churchill Show moving to TV 47 has doomed it
    Remember back when Churchill show was one of the biggest local televised show in Kenya? For once we had something we all took pride in that is – original content from comedians who delivered jokes we could all relate with….but for some reason we no longer hear anything about the... Read more »
  • Why Sakaja’s Ban On City Night Clubs Was Worth It
    Nairobi governor, Johnson Sakaja, on Friday, November 25, banned night clubs from operating in residential areas. Sakaja cancelled the licenses issued and ordered his officers not to renew the permits for the aforementioned facilities. “Those already issued are hereby cancelled, and the establishments may continue operating as bars and restaurants... Read more »
  • 5 Kenyans Making It Big Abroad
    Kenyans have proven to be quite shrewd when it comes to making it in life outside their country. And the interesting fact about it is they end up adjusting so easily and blending in without much struggle whenever they go abroad. Let’s begin with listing a few Kenyans who are... Read more »
  • Money Can’t Buy Love-Why KRG’s Wife Left Him For A Broke Guy
    KRG is currently taking care of his kids all alone after partying ways with his ex-wife Linah. Well, at least he’s able to cosset them and bond further with them after Linah’s move. But why did Linah have to consider moving out of the marriage? Well, according to KRG, Linah... Read more »
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